More Than Just a Game

Tuesday, January 23 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | International Ballroom F
Session Type: Professional Development
Learning occurs by “thinking out loud,” as well as by presenting results. ELI will experiment with “Learning Circles” which are collaborative sessions in which a member discusses the “next big thing” they plan to pursue and seeks feedback from the participants. This group exploration also allows you to think about implications for your campus.

Framing question for this learning circle: How can we learn, select, and apply lessons from computer gaming to teaching and learning with technology?

Computer gaming has emerged recently as one of the world's largest and most dynamic cultural forms. Games often present large amounts of information, and increasingly win wide, even deep, engagement from users. What are the pedagogical lessons here? How can we best follow this enormously complex world, winnow out the academically applicable aspects, and realistically apply such principles and practices to our campuses? Does gaming belong to higher education's curricula, and, if so, where? This session, like the topic, aims to engage a variety of audiences.


  • Bryan Alexander

    President, Bryan Alexander Consulting, LLC

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