Pedagogical Uses of Lecture Recording

Tuesday, January 23 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | Dogwood B Room
Session Type: Professional Development
Learning occurs by “thinking out loud,” as well as by presenting results. ELI will experiment with “Learning Circles” which are collaborative sessions in which a member discusses the “next big thing” they plan to pursue and seeks feedback from the participants. This group exploration also allows you to think about implications for your campus.

Framing question for this learning circle: What is the best pedagogical use of the lecture recording?

The technology to record lectures is becoming increasingly mainstream, yet the question remains as to most effective pedagogical use of recorded lectures. Do they enable students to review course material as they prepare for exams? Or do they replace the lecture, thereby opening the door to curricular innovation by allowing faculty to design new in-class activities? In short, are they an additional study aid, falling in line with the lecture paradigm, or do they make possible entirely new options that might supersede the traditional lecture? And if so, what are those new options and opportunities?


  • Malcolm Brown

    Consultant, EDUCAUSE Alumni

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