Technologies Where Students Live

Tuesday, January 23 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | Cottonwood Room
Session Type: Professional Development
Learning occurs by “thinking out loud,” as well as by presenting results. ELI will experiment with “Learning Circles” which are collaborative sessions in which a member discusses the “next big thing” they plan to pursue and seeks feedback from the participants. This group exploration also allows you to think about implications for your campus.

Framing question for this learning circle: What is the future of the traditional residence hall computer lab?

With most students coming to campus fully equipped with wireless laptops, mobile phones, portable video/music players, and even wireless printers, what are the implications for residence hall computer labs? Are fixed workstations still needed when almost everyone has a computer down the hall? Do students want to collaborate? Are presentation and projection important? Gaming and multimedia? Videoconferencing? What relevant technologies can we support in student living spaces, and in what context?


  • Kim Braxton

    Associate Dean, Academic Technology Services , Emory University

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