Workshop 03A - Building a Campus Culture of Information Fluency

Monday, January 22 | 9:00AM–12:30PM | Dogwood B Room
Session Type: Professional Development
This informational workshop will deal with issues and practices for integrating technology literacy, information literacy, critical thinking, and effective communication skills into campus cultures. Participants will receive an overview of emerging national trends for helping students gather, evaluate, and use information effectively through examples found in the University of Central Florida's quality enhancement plan.


  • Charles Dziuban

    Director RITE, University of Central Florida
  • Irvin Katz

    Senior Research Scientist, Educational Testing Services (ETS)
  • George Lorenzo

    President and CEO, Lorenzo Associates, Inc.
  • Martha Marinara

    Director, Information Fluency for Quality Enhancement Plan, University of Central Florida
  • Judy Ruland

    Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

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