Active Learning in Field-Based Classes Using Tablet PCs for Collaborative Data Collection and Mapping (Learning Technology)

Wednesday, January 21 | 2:30PM–4:30PM | Curacao 1-4
Session Type: Professional Development
Tablet PCs in higher education field courses have changed the way we teach field-mapping and data-collection concepts. Curriculum redesign and assessment strategies were applied to field archaeology and ecology classes that have effectively and efficiently introducing this emerging mobile technology in order to correct and improve how spatial data are handled. Focusing on two years of student learning outcome data, we found that students liked the active learning and collaboration of using the tablet PCs in field-based classes, had high confidence in their technical and discipline-specific abilities, and gained confidence in using relevant technologies.


  • Meg Stewart

    MAT Student - Earth Science specialty, American Museum of Natural History - Richard Gilder Graduate School

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