Are We Ready for Mobile Technologies and Their Impact on Pedagogy, Tool Development, and Assessment? (Learning Technology)

Tuesday, January 20 | 4:00PM–5:00PM | Bonaire 5-6
Session Type: Professional Development
The promise of mobile learning has recently attracted a great deal of attention among educational technologists. Numerous institutions have begun using a range of mobile technologies to support anytime, anywhere learning; however, the impact of the mobile web has been limited. In this presentation, we will argue that the capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch and emerging data on adoption rates of these devices may herald a shift in how students access information and instructional tools and interact with instructors and peers. We will discuss potential implications for pedagogy, tool development, and assessment.


  • Tom Laughner

    Director, Teaching and Learning Center, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Scott Payne

    Senior Research Scientist, ACT

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