"Elluminating" the Possibilities of Distance Education: An In-Depth Review of Elluminate Live (Learning Technology)

Wednesday, January 21 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Curacao 1-4
Session Type: Professional Development
By bundling such technologies as voice over IP, webcams, text chat, interactive whiteboards, and online polling, collaborative software platforms (such as Elluminate Live) are "flattening the world" by allowing people to meet in online virtual classrooms and interact in real time. Along with reviewing applications for this technology in education, this session will reveal best practices for evaluating collaborative software products and providing training and support to interested faculty members and students.


  • Scott Blades

    Educational Media/Comm. Coordinator, University of Florida
  • David Brushwood

    Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, University of Florida

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