From E-learning to V-Learning: The Advantages of Virtual Immersive Learning Environments in Times of Economic Downturn

Wednesday, January 21 | 4:00PM–5:00PM | Grand Sierra Ballroom D
Session Type: Professional Development
Because much of the curriculum of the Masters of Digital Media Program at Great Northern Way involves real-time, team-based collaboration, we have been developing a virtual learning platform to enable geographically distributed students to work together in real-time immersive "spaces" supported by a strong sense of individual and team "presence." This session will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of several potential v-learning environments including Second Life, World of Warcraft, Sony Home, Sauerbraten, TokBox, Dimdim, Google Docs, Wonderland, Xbox LIVE, and our very own Great Northern World. The session will conclude by exploring the advantages of v-learning environments in times of economic downturn defined by shrinking education budgets and declining consumer spending power.


  • Gerri Sinclair

    Executive Director, Masters of Digital Media Program, Great Northern Way Campus

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