The Effectiveness of E-Learning: A National, Collaborative Approach (Learning Technology)

Tuesday, January 20 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | Bonaire 5-6
Session Type: Professional Development
After a phase of experimenting with how to use IT in education, Dutch higher education institutions faced the challenge of demonstrating the effectiveness of implementing locally used e-learning tools on a larger scale. All Dutch higher education institutions met this challenge through a national initiative to scale up existing e-learning tools, coordinated by SURF, the collaborative IT organization for higher education institutions. In collecting evidence for the chosen strategies, over 25 institutions worked collaboratively to find ways for measuring the effectiveness of e-learning interventions. In this session, program directors will discuss in small groups and in plenary the design of the evidence-based approach, the difficulties encountered, and the solutions proposed.


  • Cees Terlouw

    Associate Professor, Enrollment Management & Educational Transition, Saxion

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