The Media Is the (Course) Message: Learning Networks Across Disciplinary and Geographic Borders (Innovative Practice)

Tuesday, January 20 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | Bonaire 3-4
Session Type: Professional Development
This panel will present the results of an innovative undergraduate course that endeavored to use the power of Web 2.0 tools to challenge what it means to teach and learn in our highly mediated, networked world. The course centers on a core "text," a documentary entitled Iraqi Doctors: On the Front Lines of Medicine, which describes a 2003 medical exchange between USC and Baghdad. Students in the course "finish" the story by creating video projects using and adding to the documentary footage (portions of these projects will be shown). Results include the panelists' reflections and the issues from three distinct points of view: the professor's, the documentary filmmaker's, and an undergraduate student's.


  • DJ Johnson

    Director of Video Production, University of Southern California
  • Virginia Kuhn

    Professor, University of Southern California
  • Sonia Seetharaman

    Academic Program Coordinator, University of Southern California

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