Instructional Intentions and the Realities of Practice: Faculty Perspectives of Learning in the Web 2.0 Environment (Learning Technology)

Wednesday, January 20 | 12:30PM–1:30PM | Meeting Room 602 (sixth floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Web 2.0 technologies are implemented with intentions of enriching the teaching and learning experience. With their adoption comes a set of implied pedagogical practices that are often imperfectly understood by faculty as well as learners: the realities of practice may differ considerably from intended use. This session presents faculty experiences as vignettes on practice and invites participants to share in the discussion of implied practices as well as realities in using digital media in the classroom. Participants will have an opportunity to address four key questions in small-group dialogues on the intentions and realities associated with Web 2.0 tools.


  • Terry Carter

    Associate Dean for Professional Instruction and Faculty Development, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Martin Reardon

    Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Joan Rhodes

    Associate Professor, The University of Arizona Global Campus
  • Fran Smith

    UDL Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-12, Boston College