Not Blogging in WordPress: Innovative Faculty Use of WordPress MU for Teaching and Scholarship (Learning Technology)

Wednesday, January 20 | 2:30PM–4:30PM | Governor's Ballroom Foyer (fourth floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Faculty members and educational technologists have great ideas about new ways to enhance teaching and learning with technology. However, sometimes the available tools make these innovative ideas awkward or impossible to implement without customization. At St. Lawrence University, we have found WordPress MU to be surprisingly flexible, offering us the opportunity to use it in a variety of ways without any customization. In this session, we will look at current ways that a single instance of WPMU is being used for various purposes-sometimes bearing little or no resemblance to blogging-and meeting the needs of our faculty with no customization.


  • Chris Watts

    Director, Newell Center for Arts Technology, St. Lawrence University