Technology and Learner Motivation in Library Instruction: A Study of Personal Response Systems (Research-Based)

Wednesday, January 20 | 11:00AM–12:00PM | Governor's Ballroom E (fourth floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Negative student perceptions make learner motivation a special challenge in library instruction. Using Keller's ARCS model as a guide, we postulate that the use of personal response system (PRS) technology is more effective in arousing learner attention, demonstrating relevance to student learning goals, inspiring confidence in learners' ability to master the material, and creating learner satisfaction with the library instruction experience. We expect that increased learner motivation through the use of PRS technology will result in better learning outcomes.


  • Laurie McGowan

    Retired - Digital Project Manager, University of Notre Dame
  • Cheri Smith

    Program Director: Academic Outreach & Engagement, University of Notre Dame