The Effect of Using More Technology on the Level of Student Motivation to Learn (Research-Based)

Tuesday, January 19 | 3:45PM–6:00PM | Governor's Ballroom Foyer (fourth floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
As a faculty member begins to add more technology into a course, and the amount of face-to-face contact starts to decrease, a number of questions about teaching effectiveness start to creep into an instructor's head. One question is how does an instructor know if his/her teaching methods are inciting students to become more or less motivated to learn? In this session, data will be presented from a research study that documents student motivation to learn using the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory to compare courses taught in a traditional face-to-face or higher technology (blended and using a clicker) format.


  • Dan Keefer

    Associate Professor, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

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