Beyond Clickers: Cloud-Based Tools for Deep, Meaningful Cognitive Engagement (Pilot Program/Emerging Technology)

Monday, February 14 | 3:45PM–6:00PM | Concourse Foyer and Crystal Corridor
Session Type: Professional Development
Building on a pilot experiment using Twitter and word clouds, we built ChimeIn, a simple, lightweight cloud-based application. ChimeIn lets learners weigh in on multiple choice and free response questions and gives learners and instructors a robust suite of data visualizations that can power a much broader range of pedagogical practices than simple clickers. Students can respond to questions or prompts in ChimeIn through any cloud-friendly or web-enabled device or through Internet-friendly protocols such as SMS if they choose.


  • Jude Higdon

    Chief Information Officer, Bennington College
  • Colin McFadden

    Technology Architect, University of Minnesota

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