Design for Learning: Waiting for Superman vs. Empowering Superheroes

Tuesday, February 15 | 11:00AM–12:00PM | IBR Center
Session Type: Professional Development
We're entering a transformative time for education, with new technologies positioned to disrupt the known market and system. Though pioneering, many of the past century's technologies failed to revolutionize education, perhaps because they focused on improving efficiency rather than enhancing learning. Internet technologies have evolved beyond delivering content to generating interactive learning experiences with more affordable, accessible points of entry. Meanwhile, schools are calling for more learner-centered tools and students are increasingly engaged with digital media; however, new technologies often find a small or nonexistent audience, largely due to a disconnect that has occurred between people and the places of innovation, investment, and implementation. This session will discuss how to accelerate the alignment of these forces and redesign the future of learning.


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