Developing a Rubric-Based, Platform-Agnostic, Campus-Wide LMS Needs Assessment (Assessment/Evaluation)

Tuesday, February 15 | 4:00PM–5:00PM | Jefferson
Session Type: Professional Development
While your learning management system is integral to your institution's learner-centered instructional model, how certain are you that it will meet your institution's future needs? In this presentation, you will discover an innovative, platform-agnostic evaluative framework developed by the University of Southern California's Center for Scholarly Technology that will involve your institution's leaders, subject matter experts, stakeholders, and the academic community in determining your campus's LMS needs.

Learning Objectives
* Employ a methodology that includes all campus stakeholders, not just students, instructors, and IT staff.* Describe the advantages of using a platform-agnostic approach.* Apply the five steps of an effective LMS needs assessment: task force selection, needs identification and clarification, rubric development, rubric weighting, and weighted rubric application.


  • Patrick Crispen

    Director of Educational Technology, Keck School of Medicine of USC, University of Southern California

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