Envisioning Computer Labs as Collaborative Learning Environments (Pilot Program/Emerging Technology)

Tuesday, February 15 | 12:30PM–1:30PM | Georgetown
Session Type: Professional Development
What is the future of computer labs, as needs move from rows of desktops to versatile spaces that better support diverse learners and activities? The University of Minnesota worked with DEGW to convene a visioning workshop to engage OIT and their partners on campus in imagining a range of collaborative learning environments and thinking holistically about how spaces, technologies, and support services work together as a system. Using the concepts and roadmap from the workshop, the university has now implemented several pilots and will discuss lessons learned from their envisioning, implementation, and assessment.

Learning Objectives
* Learn how to create a cross-sectional working group on campus to explore future learning space needs that draws together multiple partners.
* Consider a process for envisioning future needs and rethinking current models-inventing what can be, rather than simply incrementally improving what is.
* Learn how to outline strategies and a roadmap to implement change, identifying key activities, stakeholders, and potential pitfalls.
* Hear about lessons learned from the UM pilot projects-what has made them successful, how to best support them, and how to communicate findings.
* See how to use pilots to stimulate systemic change.


  • Shirley Dugdale

    Principal, Dugdale Strategy LLC
  • Elliot Felix

    Founder, Brightspot Strategy, LLC
  • Linda Jorn

    Assoc Vice Provost for Learning Technologies & Dir, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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