Faculty Learning Communities: A Model for Faculty Development and Technology Integration (Institutional Scope)

Wednesday, February 16 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Georgetown
Session Type: Professional Development

Faculty learning communities have become the model for faculty development and technology integration at Mercy College. Successful communities have formed by faculty initiative around electronic portfolios, clickers, Wimba, and digital storytelling within the College's Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. The effect has been far reaching in involving more than 50% of the full-time faculty in an academic technology initiative and impacting over half of our student body of 10,000 students. The communities have created dynamic environments for faculty to create conditions that lead to innovation. The presentation will detail how an infrastructure emerged to support this institution-wide effort.

Learning Objectives
* Learn how to engage faculty in technology integration around teaching, learning, and assessment.
* Learn how to build an infrastructure to support logistics of the learning community model.
* Learn how to gain institution-wide support for this type of program.
* Learn how to build capacity to support the model.
* Learn how to overcome the barriers to implementing this model.


  • Matt Lewis

    Instructional Design and Multimedia Manager, City University of New York

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