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Tuesday, February 15 | 11:00AM–12:00PM | IBR East
Session Type: Professional Development
From Community Source to Open Data: Leveraging the Sakai Community to Make Better Decisions
Steven Lonn, Research Fellow, University of Michigan
Mathieu Plourde, Project Leader, LMS, University of Delaware
Stephanie D. Teasley, Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan
How are learning management systems impacting teaching and learning at my institution? Twenty different institutions have collaboratively constructed a survey instrument to answer that question not only for their local implementations but also for comparison across institutions. In this session, we will discuss the power of leveraging the Sakai community for a shared data collection effort and the lessons learned about instructor and student use of technology. We will share examples about using data to promote local innovations and talk about the power of open data sharing across academic technologies and open communities.

A Story of Openness: The Transition from Blackboard Vista to Moodle
Nicole Harris, e-Learning Applications Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina Charlotte
J. Garvey Pyke, Associate Director, Center for Teaching & Learning, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Valorie McAlpin, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina Charlotte
In this session we will tell how our campus central IT broke from tradition to give faculty a greater voice and choice throughout the LMS selection and implementation process, including postimplementation enhancements. We will highlight our data collection strategies, the development of pilot criteria, and the openness strategies used throughout the process. We will identify potential pitfalls and barriers to success and also address the leadership and operational issues for a successful, collaborative process for driving the LMS.

Web 2.0 Tools: Empowering Faculty to Move Beyond the LMS
Ken Clark, Professor, Beth Downs, Professor, Lucy Green, Charles Hodges, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology, Stephanie Jones, Assistant Professor, Kathryn Kennedy, Assistant Professor, and Judi Repman, Professor, Georgia Southern University
Curt Bonk has observed that "most course management systems fail to provide creative sparks to learning because they only track or map it after it occurs" (2009, pp. 135-136). This presentation will be anchored by a description of how and why the faculty members in an online Instructional Technology MEd program are using Web 2.0 tools outside a standard LMS to support teaching and learning. Specific examples of instructor and student use of the tools will be described and discussed.

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  • Beth Downs

    Professor, Georgia Southern University
  • Charles Hodges

    Professor of Instructional Technology, Georgia Southern University
  • Steven Lonn

    HR Data Storyteller, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Garvey Pyke

    Director, Center for Teaching & Learning, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Judi Repman

    Georgia Southern University

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