Student Learning in a Flexible World: Creating Opportunities with E-Books and Collaborative Learning Spaces (Pilot Program/Emerging Technology)

Tuesday, February 15 | 4:00PM–5:00PM | Lincoln West
Session Type: Professional Development
This session will present data from an assessment of a large-scale adoption of a custom e-book and implementation of collaborative learning classrooms. The presenters will share the results of 1,100 surveys of students who remarked on design and functions of e-books and described how they would design their own e-book and what it would look like. Participants will learn strategies for developing an institutional culture favorable to adopting new models for flexible and open learning, including the importance of securing seed funding to incubate new programs, increasing awareness of what constitutes quality in flexible learning experiences, and successfully addressing policy and budgetary issues.

Learning Objectives
* Learn how a large research institution piloted and implemented faculty-authored and campus-delivered e-books.
* Explore student perceptions and practical advice from a survey of 1,100 students for designing e-books that will improve student learning.
* Develop a greater understanding of-and practical strategies to implement-flexible learning classrooms (with institutional support) that facilitate curricula that depend largely on technology.
* Understand issues and strategies to cope with the complex nature of copyright, revenue models, and challenging embedded cultures.


  • Leslie Hammersmith

    Assistant Dean Technology Enhanced Instruction, University of Illinois Chicago
  • John Tubbs

    Director of Digital Media for eLearning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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