Case-Based Design Patterns for Enhancing Student Learning in Blended Courses

Monday, February 04 | 3:45PM–4:30PM | Governor's Square 17
Session Type: Professional Development

Everyone desires a simple "formula" for designing blended courses despite their inherent complexities. Based on interviews with faculty at seven institutions, some guidelines have emerged. We will review the design patterns, pedagogical strategies employed by successful blended faculty, how the design increases student engagement, and whether faculty perceive increased student learning.

Learning Objectives:
* Discover how higher education faculty transform their courses from the face-to-face to the online learning environment
* Identify the decision-making process of faculty as they design blended courses
* Identify pedagogical strategies used by successful blended faculty
* Discover how the integration works between the face-to-face and online learning environments
* Identify strategies to increase student engagement
* Learn about faculty perceptions of student learning