Changing Perspective: Using Student Voices to Advance Learning Technology

Wednesday, February 06 | 10:45AM–11:30AM | Governor's Square 15
Session Type: Professional Development

Different perspectives lead to creative solutions. The process of implementing any learning technology can be complicated, raising new problems. Actively including a student's perspective in the planning can help advance these projects. The annual ECAR study of students and technology can provide you with insights into student motivations and interests related to technology. This study provides a big picture that can be used to form new ideas or support investments in new methodologies such as flipped classrooms or online courses. This session will explore practical examples of how to use this study and information for how you can get involved.

Learning Objectives:
* Understand the general profile of undergraduate technology ownership and use for academics
* Understand the technology trends for undergraduate students, including what's most important to them and what they say are the emerging innovations for teaching and learning
* Examine your institution's use of the student voice in planning for technology
* Use information from the study to inform innovative teaching and learning initiatives


  • Kyle Bowen

    Chief of Staff, Enterprise Technology and Executive Director, Learning Experience, Arizona State University
  • Eden Dahlstrom

    Vice President, EDUCAUSE

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