Developing Literacies through Digital Stories

Tuesday, February 05 | 2:30PM–4:30PM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

Developing basic literacies in fundamental areas is essential to student success in college. Students often find mastering these literacies tedious, resulting in a lack of engagement and motivation. This session will take a look at redefining the way students meet basic literacies through digital stories. This approach, which increases student engagement through leveraging social negotiation and self-reflection to create a learning community, can be implemented in a wide variety of disciplines and settings. The following concepts will be discussed in an interactive session using examples and videos: the DAOW (digital, art, oral, writing) of literacy, multiple intelligences, blended teaching and learning, constructivism, and assessment.

Learning Objectives:
* Differentiate between literacies addressed through digital stories
* Understand the theoretical basis for incorporating digital storytelling into your curriculum
* Effectively implement digital storytelling within your discipline or setting
* Define assessment benchmarks for digital storytelling projects


  • Mikah Pritchard

    Instructional Designer, Eastern Kentucky University

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