Empowering Innovation: Seize the Opportunity

Tuesday, February 05 | 12:30PM–1:15PM | Governor's Square 15
Session Type: Professional Development

How do colleges and universities empower innovation in teaching and learning? This lightning-round session will highlight the best practices for empowering innovation at Harvard, Notre Dame, Penn State, and Virginia Tech. The speakers will share current practices, data on real-world transformation, best practices, and challenges to empowering faculty to be innovative in their approaches to teaching and learning. Attendees will learn strategies for creating disruptive innovation and how to encourage faculty partners in this change. Participants will be encouraged to share their best practices during the discussion or through Web 2.0 technologies.

Learning Objectives:
* Acquire strategies for creating environments that foster innovation in teaching and learning
* Share successes and challenges for helping faculty transform their teaching and learning strategies
* Using Web 2.0 technologies and an appropriate backchannel communication tool, share innovative practices, challenges, and successes


  • Jon Crutchfield

  • Hannah Inzko

    Senior Director of Academic Technology, Wake Forest University
  • Jennifer Sparrow

    Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts, Amazon Web Services
  • Katie Vale

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