e-Texts/e-Content Leadership Seminar (separate registration required)

Tuesday, February 05 | 12:30PM–2:30PM | Governor's Square 12
Session Type: Professional Development
After discussing the potential of e-texts/e-content, participants will explore how they might best be implemented at their institutions. Participants will have an opportunity to hear multiple institutional perspectives on e-text projects and will also meet with several of the presenters over lunch to discuss potential strategies for exploring and possibly implementing e-texts/e-content locally.


  • Steve Acker

    Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project, Ohio State University
  • Shelli Fowler

    Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Victoria Getis

    Senior Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies, Northwestern University
  • Tracy Hurley

    Dean, College Of Business, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
  • Anastasia Morrone

    Dean, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Bob Rubinyi

    Senior Analyst for Online Learning, Office of Distributed Learning, University of Minnesota
  • Jim Twetten

    Principal, Twetten Consulting, University of Minnesota