How and Why to Leave Your LMS for a Customized Teaching and Learning Environment Using Google Sites and Google+

Wednesday, February 06 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

This session will take attendees through the ideas, research, conclusions, decisions, and development that led to a functional online course, all but abandoning the traditional LMS for a new environment integrating achievements, Google Sites, Google+, and more. We'll also demonstrate the tools, steps, and applications that can be used to create your own online course environment. A live interactive Google+ site will be available to provide attendees with a hands-on experience using the application as a platform for academic communication. The tools and methods used for evaluating this technology-based instructional innovation will also be highlighted.

Learning Objectives:
* Effectively integrate Google Sites with Google+ to create a custom alternative/primary learning environment
* Use Google forms and Google Analytics to gather class data for evaluation
* Participate in a conversation with the Google+ platform
* Examine additional tools and techniques that can be used to enhance and innovate any online learning experience within or out of an LMS


  • Brian Yuhnke

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