Learning Space Toolkit Community Demo and Training Session

Monday, February 04 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | Governor's Square 14
Session Type: Professional Development
We will introduce the Learning Space Toolkit, a free online resource for planning, operating, and evaluating technology-rich informal learning spaces being developed by North Carolina State, Brightspot, and DEGW (see www.learningspacetoolkit.org). It will contain sections on the process, needs assessment, services, technology, spaces, and overall "assembly instructions." This interactive session will provide a project overview, demo the toolkit with audience-generated scenarios, and jump-start community use of the toolkit. Participants will gain an understanding of the toolkit so they can put it to use and learn how to stay involved to sustain it.

Learning Objectives:
* Gain an understanding of the components of the Learning Space Toolkit such as resources, tools, and case studies and how they can help institutions plan, operate, and evaluate technology-rich informal learning spaces
* Learn how peer institutions plan, operate, and evaluate learning spaces (typical practices, resources consulted, and lessons learned)
* Learn how to create community-based tools and resources using the Learning Space Toolkit as a model for conducting user research, open development, community feedback, and iterative development


  • Kim Duckett

    Head, Research and Instructional Services, Duke University
  • Elliot Felix

    Founder, Brightspot Strategy, LLC
  • Jung-Hoon Kim

    Associate Director, Learning Environments Lead, NA, AECOM Strategy Plus

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