Meet the iPadJournos: How iPads Improved Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes in a Journalism Seminar

Tuesday, February 05 | 2:30PM–4:30PM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

A mobile learning pilot project at a large public research university in Virginia equipped every student in an undergraduate journalism seminar with an iPad to increase engagement levels in and outside the classroom. This presentation will provide an overview of the joint project by Virginia Commonwealth University's Center for Teaching and Excellence and the School of Mass Communications and show how the continuous engagement between instructor, students and community partners led to greater student success rates. Practical tips for structuring and implementing an iPad class as well as continuing iPad student learning beyond the pilot project will be provided.

Learning Objectives:
* Discuss design elements for creating engaging iPad classes/iPad projects
* Identify strategies for engaging students outside the classroom via mobile technology
* Explore ways to involve communities/external experts in class projects
* Consider ways to drive change in using mobile technology within your academic units