Pedagogical Uses of E-Publishing Tools

Wednesday, February 06 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

During the last decade, tools developed to facilitate online scholarly publishing have matured. Powerful but usable open-source tools are now easy to install and use. These tools can be repurposed for use in courses. For example, they can manage publication-related assignments or composition and peer-review activities. Automating time-consuming parts of such activities can free up instructor attention for more critical tasks. This session will describe the underlying model of e-publishing tools, demonstrate one widespread solution, and discuss three case studies at Ohio State University.

Learning Objectives:
* Gain familiarity with standard design of e-publishing systems (typical workflows and roles)
* Learn about available solutions and the cost (money and effort) to deploy each
* Learn about three current uses of e-publishing systems as teaching tools
* Receive an implementation action plan to take back to your institution