Promoting Deep Learning and Critical Thinking in Open Education: A Model for Design and Assessment

Tuesday, February 05 | 2:30PM–3:15PM | Governor's Square 14
Session Type: Professional Development
Researchers combined constructivist learning and process education principles to design an open math course with robust assessment components. This model allowed them to align higher order learning outcomes with course activities and to ultimately assess students' higher-level thinking skills. The Activity Design Template applied to development of OERs (open educational resources) facilitated the development of various levels of critical thinking questions that served to enhance deep learning of course content. Through a hands-on session, participants will gain new insights into assessment strategies and have the opportunity to apply these strategies in a concrete way to an OER environment.

Learning Objectives:
* Be able to articulate the different types of assessment found in OERs
* Incorporate the different levels of critical thinking questions into the creation of any learning environment
* Apply the Activity Design Template to the design and assessment of OERs that focus on facilitating deep learning through the use of critical thinking questions
* Assess deep learning through the use of critical thinking questions


  • Lisa Snyder

    Coordinator of Educational Planning, Curriculum Design and Assessment, SUNY Empire State University