Resolving Instructional Challenges in Blended Courses

Tuesday, February 05 | 12:30PM–1:15PM | Governor's Square 17
Session Type: Professional Development

In this interactive session, the presenter will introduce a protocol for improving blended courses; that protocol supplements the traditional "backwards design" process by helping instructors identify (and resolve) instructional challenges commonly hindering student learning. He will offer a list of 28 instructional challenges catalogued over seven years while surveying instructors of blended courses and present a template that helps instructors develop activities and assessments that address those instructional challenges in blended courses. All materials will be shared so participants can adapt the instructional challenges survey and template for their own institutions.

Learning Objectives:
* Identify instructional challenges that hinder students in blended courses
* Use a template to resolve instructional challenges by determining whether a learning activity should be online, offline, or blended; whether the assessment of an activity should be formative or summative; whether it can be redeployed; and more


  • Mark Morton

    Senior Instructional Developer, Emerging Technologies, University of Waterloo

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