Seminar 01 - Engineering Mobile Locative Learning Experiences with ARIS (separate registration required)

Monday, February 04 | 10:00AM–1:30PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling (ARIS) is a simple but robust tool for creating mobile augmented reality games and interactive experiences. This open-source software features a drag-and-drop development path, allowing nonprogrammers to quickly build playable location-based experiences. Over the past three years, ARIS has been used to design curricular content and as a design tool in the classroom at universities across the country. In this hands-on workshop, we will introduce the ARIS platform, briefly discuss the possibilities of using it within higher education, and guide participants through building two activities: one narrative-based and other centered on data collection.


  • Chris Holden

    Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico