Strategies for Engaging Undergraduate Students in Large Online Classes

Wednesday, February 06 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development
Based on successful experiences of several faculty members at a southeastern research university, this presentation will discuss strategies for designing, teaching, and managing interactive online courses for large cohorts of undergraduate students. By skillfully combining tools within course management systems with multimedia technologies widely available on college campuses, instructors and instructional designers can create online courses with easy navigational systems, a warm community feeling, and engaging learning activities. Presenters will provide examples of scalable learning activities, offer communication and time management tips for faculty and students, and share quantitative and qualitative data from formative and summative course evaluations.

Learning Objectives:
* Describe an effective learning environment for teaching large online classes
* Identify teaching strategies and learning activities for engaging large groups of undergraduate students online
* Select technologies for presenting course content, supporting teaching and learning activities, and creating social presence
* Discuss time saving strategies for faculty and students


  • Beverly Baliko

    Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
  • Vera Polyakova-Norwood

    Director of Distributed Learning, College of Nursing, University of South Carolina