The Active Learning Catalysts Project: Increasing Adoption of Active Learning in STEM Disciplines

Monday, February 04 | 3:15PM–5:30PM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

Northern Michigan University's Active Learning Catalysts Project is successfully increasing the adoption of student-centered active learning techniques across NMU's STEM curriculum. This poster will highlight the Catalyst Project's three key components: a professional development program anchored by focal point faculty (Catalysts) from each of NMU's STEM departments; a technology-rich studio classroom designed to support active learning pedagogy; and assessment of various technologies' effectiveness to be used for developing best practice recommendations.

Learning Objectives:
* Describe the Active Learning Catalysts approach for combining professional development, technology, and assessment to facilitate academic transformation
* Describe the SCALE-UP methodology developed by Dr. Robert Beichner and utilized in the NMU studio classroom
* Identify specific assessment methods and tools useful for monitoring change initiatives


  • Matt Smock

    Director, CTL, Northern Michigan University

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