The Postmodality Era: How "Online Learning" Is Becoming "Learning"

Monday, February 04 | 3:45PM–4:30PM | Governor's Square 14
Session Type: Professional Development

Based on a chapter in Game Changers, EDUCAUSE's latest e-book, this session will examine an important transformational trend impacting all institutions involved in online learning. At any given time, a student can now be online, on campus, or both simultaneously. They are no longer "distance" or "face-to-face" but simply students who choose their preferred learning styles to meet their needs at the moment. This growing phenomenon is ushering in a "postmodality" era where the categories of traditional, nontraditional, distant, and local are becoming irrelevant. How will your institution recognize and support this growing trend?

Learning Objectives:
* Define postmodality behaviors in the context of higher education
* Identify important strategic implications of the postmodality trend at your institution, especially related to teaching and learning
* Examine a set of critical considerations required to support students' learning via postmodality behaviors at your institution


  • Tom Cavanagh

    Vice Provost for Digital Learning, University of Central Florida

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