Thinking Outside the Image Repository: LUNA Image Repositories at Pomona College

Tuesday, February 05 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

Why would you deploy a powerful imaging system and hide it? Unfortunately this kind of thing happens. Pomona College deployed a LUNA Insight system with the intent of housing a digitized version the art history slide library. While this original initiative will continue for years, we have found exciting alternative uses for LUNA and image repositories that produced a number of unexpected outcomes as the result of building awareness and liberalizing the availability of LUNA to projects that lie outside its original purpose. Come learn about what Pomona has done and how you might implement a similar approach with your image repositories.

Learning Objectives:
* Learn strategies to broaden and expand a service ( image repositories) intended for a specific purpose, thereby creating good will and greater access to scholarly information
* Learn methods that Pomona College used to find out how faculty use software easily, efficiently, and with economy in mind (i.e., the interesting methods we used to pinpoint how LUNA was being used and how some functionality elements were rejected)
* Learn to think and discuss how image repositories can be opened up and shared across disciplinary boundaries


  • Jason Smith

    Support Engineer, California Community Colleges, Chancellor's Office

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