Vision, Research, and Opportunity Move a Library from Distinction to Reinvention through a Collaboratory Research Effort into a Design Solution

Tuesday, February 05 | 10:15AM–11:00AM | Governor's Square 17
Session Type: Professional Development

Grand Valley State University is facing the same dilemma as many other higher education institutions: what is the future of a library without books? Steelcase's research team was asking the same question and spent two years researching libraries across the country. GVSU envisioned a library based on new and emerging pedagogies, technologies, and student behaviors. Steelcase's analytics aligned with that vision, and a collaboration was formed to share research information and to future model/prototype space and function. SHW Group partnered in the collaboration and ensured the findings were incorporated into every aspect of the building design.

Learning Objectives:
* Become aware of the challenges facing campus libraries today
* Discover the impact of these challenges
* Become aware of a user-centered research process and the resulting analytics centered on library research
* Become aware of the social engagement of the learning process
* Discover how a vision, research, and design solutions resolved and reinvented GVSU's library for the 21st century


  • Lennie Scott-Webber

    Director, Education Environments, Steelcase Education
  • Lee Van Orsdel

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