A Summer Experiment with MOOC Design by Educators

Tuesday, February 04 | 1:20PM–1:50PM
Session Type: Professional Development

This presentation will outline the collaborative design and use of a MOOC by educators conducted during the summer of 2013. A 10-week MOOC was facilitated by the authors involving educators from across the United States and Europe on topics related to MOOC design and use within an integrated learning environment (ILE). Each weekly MOOC topic was supported with synchronous and asynchronous Internet LMS connections, two-way IP video, a 3D-world, and mobile app support. Immersive, 3D-world, problem-based learning (PBL) simulations, supporting competency-based, personalized, and adaptive instruction, were collaboratively designed by MOOC participants through the ILE as part of weekly topic learning activities.

OUTCOMES: Understand the value prospects for supporting integrated learning environments and how to design interactive, engaging MOOCs * Discover how to improve a MOOC using integrated learning environments, as well as common challenges encountered with designing and conducting a MOOC * Understand how the MOOC and the tools associated with it support PBL and patterns of engagement * Learn about the prospects for MOOCs offering PBL simulations and ways to support authentic assessments


  • Cynthia Calongne

    Professor, Parker University
  • Tony Cook

    Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor, Auburn University
  • Toni Scribner

    Director of Research, Air University
  • Andrew Stricker

    DL Architect and ADL Program Manager, Air University

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