Badging the Information Literacy Modules and Learning with Badges

Monday, February 03 | 4:45PM–5:30PM
Session Type: Professional Development

Badging the Information Literacy Modules: An Institutional Scale Pilot
Beth Nettles, Instructional Development Team Lead, University of Central Florida
Badge or be badged. UCF's Center for Distributed Learning mounted an institutional pilot project in association with an existing academic-support initiative: UCF's Information Literacy Modules. This presentation will discuss the InfoLitMod Digital Badging Pilot, explaining how it was implemented, the technologies selected to automate the process, data from the first semester of implementation, and the observations that influence how the badging pilot moves forward into future phases.

OUTCOMES: Understand the potential benefits of digital badges for your institution * Learn how to implement a large-scale digital badging initiative * Learn how to review data for observations and insight * Understand decisions that need to be made before moving forward

Learning with Badges: Stories of Learning Pathways for GIS Training, Digital Storytelling, and Consortial Collaboration
Alexander Chaucer, Instructional Technologist, Skidmore College
Today's connected learners will on average have 10,000 hours of video game experience by age 21, according to Gladwell in Outliers. These connected learners provided inspiration for investigation of badge-based student learning and teaching in a liberal arts college setting. Specifically, the findings from three experiments will be evaluated to explore the effectiveness of badge-based learning in both individual and collaborative college settings.

OUTCOMES: Learn about our individual and collaborative experiences with badges in different learning situations * Understand how to use badges effectively for motivation in a learning community * Understand when not to use badges * Learn how to earn a first badge


  • Beth Nettles

    Manager, Learning Content Development, University of Central Florida
  • Kelvin Thompson

    Vice Provost for Online Strategy and Teaching Innovation, University of Louisville

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