Blended Learning, an "Educational Cocktail": Social Interaction in a Mixture of Learning Environments

Tuesday, February 04 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Court Assembly Foyer
Session Type: Professional Development

This poster will present a blended learning course for a design studio at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (Mexico) to highlight the importance of the relationships between the knowledge and experience of an expert, seen as the "first teacher," with the collaboration of student peers who are considered the "second teachers," and the environment conceived by the educational infrastructure, which could be physical or virtual and acts as "the third teacher" (OWP/P Architects et al. 2010). Therefore, blended learning is not only a mixture of learning environments but also an "educational cocktail" (Serrato-Combe 2008) where the "third teacher" should be a social catalyst.


OUTCOMES: Recognize the expert of a subject as the first teacher, the student as the second teacher, and the physical educational environment as the third teacher * Identify the importance and influence that each teacher has in the teaching and learning process * Learn about our blended learning course for architecture students * Understand how to make an "educational cocktail" using the best qualities of all the three teachers