Blended Learning: The Ideal Instructional Model?

Tuesday, February 04 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | Oak Alley
Session Type: Professional Development
Why is blended learning evolving into the instructional model of choice at all levels of mainstream education? The basic premise for this session is that even with the media attention that MOOCs and other online modalities are getting, blended learning is viewed as the most practical approach for scaling up and integrating online technology into teaching and learning. Questions to be addressed in this learning circle include: Why does blended learning appeal to mainstream institutions? Is blended learning a graceful approach for integrating technology that minimizes "disruption"? What are blended learning's pedagogical foundations? How flexible is it, and what are the types of "blends" that are evolving? What issues does blended learning pose for faculty development? Does the role of teacher change in a blended learning environment? How do students respond to learning in a blended environment?


  • Charles Dziuban

    Director RITE, University of Central Florida
  • Patsy Moskal

    Director, RITE, University of Central Florida
  • Tony Picciano

    Professor , The Graduate Center (CUNY)