Broadening Our Horizons: Using the Horizon Report to Help Medical Schools Make Better Decisions

Wednesday, February 05 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Court Assembly Foyer
Session Type: Professional Development

The New Media Consortium's Horizon Report is a valuable tool for anticipating trends in emerging technologies. Academic health centers have been slow to adopt the Horizon Report in their technology planning and decision-making processes. A collaboration of educational technologists from several academic health centers has developed a process to help medical schools better apply the Horizon Report by evaluating each trend for its relevance to medical education and identifying relevant materials from the academic health community. This poster will describe this process and outline how it is being applied across medical schools and their affiliated health profession partners.


OUTCOMES: Get a deeper understanding of the Horizon Report * Get ideas for applying the report to a specific area of academia * Learn how technology allows education to reach beyond the classroom to impact learning throughout a career


  • Boyd Knosp

    Associate Dean for Information Technology, The University of Iowa

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