Collaborative Learning: Closing the Gap between Knowing and Doing

Tuesday, February 04 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Court Assembly Foyer
Session Type: Professional Development
With tech devices core to personal communications, research, and study, educators know that adapting their practices with methods conducive to sharing and collaborating is essential to creating engaging learning experiences. Understanding how the connected generation responds to interactivity and how devices extend learning resources is one thing. Going from oratory to interactivity is another. Having the right digital teaching platform helps make crossing the gap possible. We will show how the WOW learning platform encourages sharing, comparing, viewing and controlling of devices, mark-up by students and instructors, editing of common documents, remote participation, and more. Bring on BYOD.CONTENT ANCHOR: Emerging Technology, Future Models, and Academic Transformation

OUTCOMES: Understand how adding collaborative/connected learning tools creates a springboard for adaptive teaching methods with interaction between students, their peers, and their instructor/facilitator * Understand when the collaborative capabilities are applicable to an area of study * Learn how approachable, immediate, and effective collaboration can be


  • Bill Mullin

    President, Starin