Connecting Online Learners for Success in an Evidence-Based Platform

Wednesday, February 05 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Court Assembly Foyer
Session Type: Professional Development

For students to be successful in an online course, they need to orient themselves to the learning management system and course quickly. The University of Central Florida has a system to provide tutorials in a just-in-time format to assist students in their online courses. The system provides information to students and collects data. Visit our poster session to hear more details.

OUTCOMES: Identify ways to help students gather information to succeed in online courses * Review how the topics were selected, tutorial design, and assessment data * Review assessment data and evaluate impact on student performance * Identify future tutorials


  • Linda Futch

    Interim Director, Instructional Design, University of Central Florida
  • Beth Nettles

    Manager, Learning Content Development, University of Central Florida

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