Does Change Equal Progress? Using Cross-Institutional Survey Data to Examine LMS Conversions and the Smart Device Explosion

Monday, February 03 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | Rosedown
Session Type: Professional Development

Using data from more than 100,000 respondents at 83 institutions, this session will explore smart device usage and LMS conversion as examples of two large-scale system changes currently affecting higher education. Large-scale system change may be initiated by the community (smart device inundation) or by the institution (LMS conversation). Examining both entries of disruptive change may predict the demands placed on existing support services and higher education structure. Participants will gain insight on how system change may affect service expectation within their campus communities and, as part of this interactive session, collaboratively build interpretations from the data.


OUTCOMES: Frame data generated by disruptive changes in ways that will assist with predicting campus responses and demands * Better understand a constructivist approach in discovering and building meaning from data * Understand how community- and institution-driven system changes have commonalities and differences in their impact on campus communities * Determine whether expectations about the impact of disruptive system changes match manifestation in the community


  • Dave Consiglio

    Director of Assessment & Learning Spaces / Director of MISO Survey, Bryn Mawr College
  • Kevin Creamer

    Manager, Communications and Engagement, University of Richmond
  • Gentry Holbert

    Director, Library & Information Resource Services, Spring Hill College
  • Josh Wilson

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