Education 2020: Empowering Learners and Strengthening Institutions in a Time of Transformative Change

Tuesday, February 04 | 3:45PM–4:30PM | Oak Alley
Session Type: Professional Development
In publicity around rapid change in education, there's often hyperbole about a rising tide of consumer-minded, job-oriented learners making demands that obliterate traditional educational institutions and their centuries-old models. But analyzing the forces shaping the future of education and envisioning what learning will look like in 2020 lead us to conclude that the rising tide of innovation will advance and benefit both learners and institutions. The not-so-evenly-distributed future shows today's avant-garde demonstrating the transformative power of big data, learner-centric models, and alternative programs and credentials empowering post-traditional learners while capitalizing on the strengths of traditions in educational institutions.

OUTCOMES: Learn how areas of seismic shift can be expected to impact educational institutions in the near future, including big data, learner-centric design, and alternative credentials * Gain insight into how institutions are already empowering learners through educational innovations * See how Blackboard is supporting transformative change with integrated, innovative technologies and services


  • Deb Everhart

    Researcher, Georgetown University