ELI 2014 Leadership Seminar: Using MOOCs to Spur Innovation (separate registration required) - Sponsored furniture provided by Computer Comforts, Bronze Partner

Tuesday, February 04 | 12:30PM–2:30PM | Elmwood
Session Type: Professional Development
After discussing innovation and change in the online learning context, participants will consider ways in which MOOCs or other teaching and learning online innovations could be implemented at their institutions. Participants will have an opportunity to hear multiple institutional perspectives on MOOCs and will also meet with several of the presenters over lunch to discuss potential strategies.

Tuesday's agenda will include
* Exploring the MOOC's evolution and how the various models address student needs
* Considering what can be transferred from what we know of the online learning environment
  to the MOOC learning model and vice versa
* Understanding what can be learned from large-scale innovations through research and
  learning analytics
* Examining the MOOC as a new way to think about how we teach (i.e., the flipped classroom)
* Considering emerging and unaddressed issues in the online innovation context


  • Amy Collier

    Associate Provost for Digital Learning, Middlebury College
  • Karen Vignare

    Vice President, Digital Transformation, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU)