Four Big Ideas for What's Next

Wednesday, February 05 | 9:30AM–10:15AM | Napoleon Ballroom
Session Type: Professional Development

This presentation will explore four emerging concepts that reimagine the dynamics of learning. Digital badges reinvent the idea of a grade and how they can capture learning in all of its forms. Mobile devices, especially tablets, provide a virtual "second screen" that is an interactive companion to boring lectures. Insights gained from analyzing large data sets, so-called big data, have the potential to fuel new forms of in-depth interactions. And isn't it time that we move beyond e-books to build experiences instead of content? This presentation will explore practical scenarios where these concepts have been put into practice as well as ideas for future directions.


OUTCOMES: Critically evaluate four emerging technologies and their impact on teaching and learning * Identify different approaches to using digital badges as part of formal and informal learning * Compare techniques for implementing alternative mobile learning technologies with students and faculty * Evaluate online interactions that could be enabled through analytics * Identify typical challenges associated with publishing content to mobile devices


  • Kyle Bowen

    Deputy CIO, Arizona State University

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