Incubating Strategic Innovation

Tuesday, February 04 | 2:30PM–3:15PM | Napoleon Ballroom
Session Type: Professional Development

Normally we think of successful innovations as brilliant ideas that explode on the scene. In truth, innovations emerge from the collision of ideas and collaborations with leadership that recognizes timely opportunities. In this session, three participants from the Breakthrough Models Incubator (BMI) will discuss their institutions' latest innovations and cross-institutional collaboration to improve student learning outcomes and college success.


OUTCOMES: Better understand who the “new traditional” student is and why next-generation learning models are needed * Learn how institutional innovations like the BMI can dramatically improve student outcomes and college success * Understand how we worked with stakeholders to design and implement next-generation learning models * Learn how we are collaborating across institutions to achieve our individual institutional goals


  • Ed Klonoski

    President, Charter Oak State College

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